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1. What is the difference in a compounding pharmacy and a regular pharmacy? 

Compounding pharmacies are incredible because the pharmacy will actually make the prescription for you right there in the store so it can be customized to fit your individual needs. This is perfect for patients who have speciality medications that are hard to find at other pharmacies or if the patient has a preferred delivery method for their medication. At Patriot Pharmacy, we can provide you with many options for your scripts that you cannot get at every pharmacy.

2. What limitations are there for compounding medications?

The short answer is that there aren’t any! If you prefer to take medications in capsule form vs liquid, or maybe you have a very specific dose that the manufactures no longer make, a compounding pharmacy is exactly what you need. Because each prescription can be customized to you and for you, you can leave Patriot Pharmacy knowing that you are getting some of the best treatment.

3. Is compounding incredibly expensive?

There is a huge fear that if you get medications compounded you will end up paying a ton more money for the scripts and that is not necessarily true. While there are factors such as ingredients, time to make each script and more, we work with each patient so they can get the customized medications they need and deserve at an affordable cost.

4. Does Patriot Pharmacy do more than compounding?

Yes! We want to make sure that we can fill every need you have. If you have a script, bring it by and we can show you the way pharmacies should be.

5. Does insurance cover compounded medications?

If you are wondering if your prescription is covered by your RX insurance, bring your card in and we will work diligently for you.

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